Out of Shape? Don't Sweat It.

Out of Shape? Don't Sweat It.


Getting into shape takes more than just saying, "I need to get into shape." It's easy to forget about your gym membership or give up on self-guided fitness training when the going gets rough. The fitness pros at Commit Fitness offer a program that you can stick to. Join a small fitness group in Leominster, MA with the goal of improving your mobility, power and functional strength.

At Commit Fitness we understand the best fitness plan is one that you can and will adhere to. Consistency is everything and along with a supportive community and coached training sessions, we are with you every step, keeping you accountable to yourself and your goals

Contact us at 978-751-8042 to learn more about our adult functional training sessions.

Adult Functional Training leominster ma

What does adult functional training involve?

Our adult functional training programs are a great way to get in shape in a safe and social environment. Here are a few more details about our adult fitness programs:

  • We offer hour-long coached programs in small groups
  • Our programs are written and designed by MBSC, tailored to your individual needs and abilities
  • Our programs focus on safety, and are always supervised by qualified coaches
  • Our programs involve a warm-up, power phase, strength phase and conditioning