Training Should Not Be Abuse!

A number of personal trainers harbor the philosophy that they have to “beat up” their clients in a training session in order for them to reach their goals. Unfortunately, a lot of people feel the same way. Training to the point of pain and exhaustion won’t get you to your goals … but it may get you to the hospital!

Training to this degree is dangerous. Continuing to train this way can get you injured, sidelined, out of the gym for a time, and perhaps even to a doctor, orthopedist or surgeon.

It’s easy to overdo. It doesn’t take a skilled trainer to direct you to do more, more, more … even if your body isn’t ready for it. Telling you to do 50 reps of this and 50 reps of that is easy for the trainer, but dangerous for you. A skilled and experienced personal trainer will direct you in a personalized schedule so that you feel better and better each day you train, not worse. The magic is in customizing a plan that gives you just enough of what you need to work out that day.

Think medicine. You don’t need 8 Advil tablets to take away your headache. One Advil will do nicely. At Commit Fitness, in Leominster MA, we know the minimum effective “dose” so you can get in, work out, and get on with your busy life. Educated trainers know that program design is of Number One importance. We design a solid program that progresses as you progress. It has the proper length, rest periods, and it changes when you are ready.

A skilled trainer uses proper program design, not just “the workout of the day.” At Commit Fitness, every session includes foam rolling to awaken areas of the body that are not moving during your normal, daily activities. We include breathing exercises to help ensure that your breath isn’t “stuck” somewhere in your body, which hinders performance during your workout sessions. Then we stretch, activate, and mobilize the muscles. … And this is just the warm up!

If your training session warm up doesn’t include breathing, stretching, and activating and mobilizing the muscles, as well as power exercises, and conditioning to get your heart really pumping, then you aren’t getting what you need to build a fit and healthy body.

And if you are leaving your workout session feeling like you were just run over by a truck, then you need to find another trainer. After all, the right training is smart training. You should feel better, not battered!