Special Programs

Join us for fitness training programs that are tailored specifically for fitness! Whether you take part in:

  • Training Camp
  • Friday Night Out
  • Adult Functional Training
  • Drop 2 Sizes

we have the fitness program to fit your needs!


Adult Functional Training

Adult Functional Training is our signature program. We cap our sessions at 8 people and you are always with a nationally certified coach. Here you will get the “personal training” experience for a fraction of the price. We license with MBSC Thrive (Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning) which was voted the #1 Adult Functional Training program by Men’s & Women’s Health Magazine

Friday Night Out

This is our way of helping out our Central Massachusetts neighbors while having fun and building community. We regularly schedule workouts with proceeds going to local charities. Whether it is “Black Light Training” with a local Disc Jockey and light show or Training Camp followed by a pizza party, these are large group training events where we have a great time while we “Workout to Help Out.

Drop 2 Sizes

Our very popular and successful 8 Week Fat Loss Challenge provides weekly group accountability meetings, nutrition coaching and up to 4 coached workouts a week. Attendees have gotten great results and learn how to ditch the scale and look to intuitive eating and strength training to look and feel better than ever.

Strong Women

No “pink dumbbells” at Commit Fitness. Our women members lift to gain lean muscle mass and lose fat. They work hard, have fun and get very strong and lean in the process.

Training Camp

Our version of a BootCamp. We’ve added a thorough warmup and made things safer with progressions and modifications for every exercise, while keeping the high energy and fun. Training Camp is large group training with timed intervals of work and rest under the watchful eye of qualified coaches.