You’ll Look Forward to Losing for Once

You’ll Look Forward to Losing for Once


Losing weight can be difficult. It’s too easy to slip back into old habits after achieving positive results. At Commit Fitness in Leominster, MA, we’ll guide you step-by-step through a complete lifestyle overhaul that will help you lose weight and keep it off.

We’ll schedule nutrition appointments so you can learn how to eat healthy without feeling hungry, and how to be active without feeling fatigued. You’ll learn how to eat the right foods in the right amounts at the right times, and how to control your eating without dieting. You can choose to commit to one of three tiers of the program:
  • Tier One: Daily nutritional guidance
  • Tier Two: Guidance occurring every two weeks for a year
  • Tier Three: A one-month start-up program

Call 978-751-8042 today to schedule a nutrition counseling appointment with a certified nutritionist.

The ProCoach process

If you’d like to take a major step toward a healthier lifestyle, consider nutrition counseling with Commit Fitness. Here’s what you can expect when you call to learn more:

  • We’ll schedule an appointment for a one-on-one conversation with Barb, our certified nutritionist
  • We’ll discuss your current approach to nutrition, your sleep habits and your lifestyle
  • Barb will create a personalized plan to help you develop a healthier lifestyle

Consult with Commit Fitness about changing your nutritional habits.